When it comes to historic masonry restoration, through analysis of mortar and brick masonry is essential to the success of any restoration project.


Choosing the proper coating material requires evaluation of each surface being treated. This ensures that the product being selected will both properly protect the building façade and provide a durable long lasting coating.


An important part of every building envelope; the roof is primarily the first line of defense for water intrusion into any structure.

A fundamental part of any building envelope, waterproofing includes caulking and sealants that provides protection against moisture infiltration, assists in climate control, and allows proper expansion and contraction of building materials.


No matter the shape, size or use of a structure; regular scheduled inspections and maintenance is a necessity to preclude water infiltration and failure of building components.


One of the most durable building materials, concrete is susceptible to water infiltration through cracking; this leads to corrosion of reinforcing bars, freeze/ thaw; both of which causes spelling and deterioration of concrete surfaces.  


As one of the industry leaders in top quality restoration services in building preservation; it is our mission to provide our clients with the latest in technology, combined with research directed at the special needs for each individual project. As a result, each building owner can be assured that their project has been restored using the latest in quality materials and workmanship, that will endure the test of time and elements, while returning your building to its original beauty and luster.


At Southern Restoration Maintenance, we have a passion for providing top-quality building preservation with conceptual integrity and efficiency. With over 40 years of experience in waterproofing and roofing, we are able to provide a thorough inspection to resolve issues, including: masonry, waterproofing, roofing, concrete, coatings, exterior restoration, and general contracting services. Licensed in both North Carolina and South Carolina, our team of experienced field personnel is trained in a wide range of skills to ensure prompt, reliable service that comes with a full-guarantee. We are confident that we can integrate our skills and expertise into your next project - big or small, that will translate into an  overall positive customer experience.









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