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Hendersonville, NC 

Construction on the Henderson County Courthouse was completed in 1923. It sat abandoned for many years before a total renovation was started in 2006. The building was then converted into a mix use property used by the town of Hendersonville.

This building is constructed of solid brick masonry walls, columns were brick with stucco and a stone base


-All brick and stone walls were cleaned.
-Masonry walls were tuckpointed.
-There were 14 brick stucco columns. All stucco was removed down to the brick masonry substrate and new stucco applied.
-Portions of the capitals on top of the columns were missing. Sections were removed and replacement pieces were cast and reinstalled.
-Stucco columns, concrete water tables, and concrete trim were coated using elastomeric coatings.
-All brick masonry walls were treated using a clear masonry sealer.

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