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Spartanburg, NC 

This chimney sits on the campus of Virginia College of Medicine in Spartanburg, SC; a cancer research center. This new campus was formerly the site of a turn of the century Textile Mill. As part of the transformation for this site; this 202 foot tall chimney was left as a monument to the old Textile Mill. Years of neglect left this chimney in serious need for restoration.

The chimney is constructed from solid brick masonry. Masonry walls are approximately four feet thick at the bottom and thirty inches thick at the top. The "mushroom" base at the bottom of the chimney extends four feet above grade and is twelve feet wide at the bottom of the foundation. The chimney moves two inches back and forth each day, during the expansion and contraction from the heat of daylight hours.


-Cracks in the perimeter concrete cap on the top of the chimney were filled with epoxy. The cap was coated using Sitka 144. A vented aluminum cap was lowered into place using a crane. This cap covered the entire top of the chimney. Anchor bolts were embedded into epoxy in the concrete to secure the cap.
-The mortar joints in the top sixty feet of the chimney were cut out 100%and joints were then solidly repointed to match the existing mortar.
-Approximately 300 brick masonry units were replaced in the top of the chimney.
-The remaining 142 feet of chimney was spot pointed.

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