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York, SC

This site has been the location of York County Courthouse since 1825. The original courthouse was replaced with this "new" structure in 1915. In 2016, extensive renovations were made to the interior and exterior. SRM, Inc. performed the exterior restoration work. 



-All exterior brick masonry, terra-cotta, limestone, and granite were cleaned.

-Brick masonry mortar joints were inspected and spot pointed. All terra-cotta, limestone, and granite mortar joints were 100% tuck pointed.

-All terra-cotta surfaces were coated using Edison Coating.

-Limestone base walls were treated using Keim Consolidation treatment. 

-Damaged terra-cotta elements on the Crier's Porch were fabricated and replaced. 

-Basement walls were excavated and new waterproofing membrane was installed.

-All brick masonry surfaces were treated using clear water repellent. 

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