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Wadesboro, NC

Construction on the original Anson County Courthouse began in 1910 and work was completed in 1912. The original cost to construct the Courthouse was $990,000,00, back in 1912. Recent restoration to the exterior of the Courthouse cost over one million dollars. The recent restoration project was the first time since 1912 any work had been done on the exterior of the building.

This building is constructed with solid brick masonry walls, terra-cotta trim, concrete base wall, concrete columns, granite steps, wood windows and doors.



-All brick, terra-cotta, concrete and granite steps were cleaned.
-Brick masonry mortar joints were spot pointed. All terra-cotta and concrete mortar joints were cut out 100% and solidly re-pointed.
-All terra-cotta and concrete surfaces were coated with Keim Mineral Coatings.
-Broken and spalled brick masonry units were replaced.
-Brick masonry surfaces were treated using clear masonry sealer.
-Spalled areas in the granite steps were cut out and new granite dutchman installed.
-Bronze plaques and statue were refinished.
-All concrete sidewalks were replaced.
-Sandstone walls around a gazebo area were re-pointed and finished with Keim Mineral Coatings.
-Terra-cotta roofing was replaced with new terra-cotta tiles.
-Wood windows were replaced with new aluminum windows, matching the existing for historical accuracy.
-New wood doors replaced the existing doors; also matching the existing for historical accuracy.

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