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Sylva, NC

The Jackson County Courthouse was built in early 1900 and was placed on this hill overlooking the town of Sylva. There are 198 steps leading up the hill to the Courthouse. The weight of the cupola on top of the Courthouse is 46,000 pounds and has been rebuilt several times.

The building is constructed of solid brick masonry walls and the steps are solid concrete with no reinforcement.


-Approximately 500 cubic feet of deteriorated concrete in the steps.
 leading up to the courthouse was cut out and repaired using Sika 123.
-Once all concrete repairs were complete, surfaces were treated using Sika 144.
-Exterior walls of the Courthouse were spot pointed and coated.
-The cupola was removed and lowered into an adjacent parking lot. 
-The cupola was totally stripped down to the structural wood framing. 
-Deteriorated wood framing was replaced, new siding and new roof were installed.

-The cupola was then lifted back into place and secured to the structure.

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